Why is IPL betting famous in India? 

Indians love to bet on cricket, as betting in India has always been extremely popular. With extreme cricket fever in India, IPL betting is also getting famous in India. 

There are so many reasons why Indian punters want to place bets online on IPL. Here are the most popular reasons. Let’s venture them together. 

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IPL betting is more accessible 

Betting is a controversial issue in India, but Indian punters satisfy their cravings by betting online. Various websites in India offer IPL betting; therefore, it is more accessible. 

Also, the best part is that these betting sites are extremely easy to use, and payment methods are very convenient. 

IPL betting is easy and quick money

IPL betting is quick and easy money  

One of the main reasons why IPL is gaining popularity in India is because it fetches quick money. Online betting promises a lucrative amount of money, and who won’t love making money by placing bets on their favourite team. 

Celebrities are involved in the tournament 

Various celebrities, right from Sharukh Khan to Neeta Ambani, are involved in the IPL tournament. The involvement of big stars makes the event huge. These international celebrities work like crowd pullers and attract a huge fan following. Punters wait for this event so that they can bet on their favourite celebrities’ team. 

All the Iconic players excite the tournament

The iconic players like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Rahul Dravid, Virender Shewag paved the way for IPL’s popularity in India. All the legendary cricket players attract tons of bettors to bet on their favourite team. Huge bets are placed on these cricket players by the bettors all over India. 

There is an ample city-based loyalty betting 

All the teams are based in the Indian states; this also drives a considerable amount of bettors to bet on their favourite state team. If there is a person who is a true Mumbaikar, will bet on Mumbai Indians. Similar is the situation for other states. 

Matches are of short duration

The best thing about IPL betting is that it is for a short duration of time. You don’t have to wait for too long to know the results. We know how hard it is to wait for the results to see whether you have won or not. IPL betting allows the punters to place bets and understand the results within a short period. 

Bettors already have experience in cricket online 

More and more Indian punters love to gamble on IPL because they have experience in cricket betting. Lots of experience in cricket betting back Indian punters. This is also one of the contributing factors that lead to the popularity of IPL betting in India. 

Indians are born with a love for cricket and their inner zest for placing Satta on cricket. 

The Bottom Line 

So these are the reasons why IPL betting is popular in India. It attracts a huge number of bettors every year to gamble online and place some hot stakes. If you want to place bets online on IPL, don’t hold yourself back and bet on your favourite team.

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