Our name itself is very self-explanatory. We are here to be your help, to let you make the best bets this IPL season. IPLBettingGuide.com is your support in times you aren’t following up all matched but need to fill your pockets up soon. If you are a newbie to having fun with betting on IPL, no worries, IPLBettingGuide.com has you covered. You can read and learn everything with us.

Please keep in mind that IPLBettingGuiide.com is not a betting site. It will provide you with the necessary information regarding the Indian Premier League, all of its history and the players, the tips you need for making the perfect bet and of course, fun facts about IPL.

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mithun banerjee My name is Mithun Banerjee and I am a big fan of IPL in Kolkatta, India. Knightriders is my favorite team in IPL and I always watch their matches in Stadium. I hope you like this website which I’ve created 🙂